Four Lightning Players Score In Double-Digits In 72-69 Win Vs Holy Family

The Goldey-Beacom men’s basketball team won their first game of the new year on Wednesday as they defeated Holy Family University Tigers 72-69 at the Joseph West Jones Center.

The leading scorers of the game for Goldey-Beacom were junior guard Marcellus Livingston and junior guard Kyle Elliot as each scored 19 points.

Two other Lightning players scored in double-digits which was freshman forward Jesiah West (12) and junior forward Tevin Service (12).

Goldey-Beacom had the advantage in multiple categories in the game which included points in the pain (38-26), points off turnovers (26-5), second-chance points (18-15),fast-break points (12-8), bench points (10-9), assists (13-12), turnovers (8-18) and steals (8-3).


The Lightning also had the advantage of shooting as well, as the team shot 39.7 %(27-68) and Holy Family University shot 38.8 % (26-67).

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Goldey-Beacom Trails By Eight At the Half

The leading scorer for the Lightning in the first half was Kyle Elliot as he scored seven points. Goldey-Beacom really struggled to find their shot consistently in the first half as the team shot 28.6 % (10-35). The Lightning also went 44.4 % (4-9) at the free-throw line in the first half.

Holy Family struggled as well to find the basket consistently in the first half but they were a little better than the Lightning. The Tigers shot 33.3 % (11-33) in the first half but did very well at the free-throw line as the team shot 71.4 % (5-7).

The Lightning was outrebounded 26-23 in the first half.

The game started with the two teams trading buckets back and forth, that was until the 16:55 minute mark where Goldey-Beacom decided to take control.

The Lightning would go on a 13-2 run which would give the team an 18-8 lead with 11:32 left in the half. The leaders on that run would be Elliot and Tevin Service who would each score four points.

About a minute later, Holy Family would answer back with a 9-2 run of their own which decreased Goldey-Beacom’s lead to 20-17 with 8:21 left in the half.

The Tigers would take control of the game as the team went on another run at the 4:23 minute mark which this time it was an 11-2 run. The 11-2 run would give the Tigers a 33-25 lead going into the half.


First Half Stats

Goldey-Beacom shot 28.6 % (10-35) in the first half and the Holy Family shot 33.3 % (11-33).

The Lightning shot44.4 % (4-9) at the free-throw line and the Tigers shot71.4 % (5-7).

The leading scorer for the Lightning in the first half was Kyle Elliot who had seven points.

The leading scorer for the Holy Family in the first half was Devon Moore who scored 12  points.

The Lightning Make A Second-Half Comeback To Take The Win

The leading scorer for the Lightning in the second half was Marcellus Livingston who scored 15 points. Livingston’s teammate Kyle Elliot was right behind him scoring 12 points in the second half.

Goldey-Beacom made the necessary adjustments in the second half in terms of their shooting as the team improved greatly as they shot 51.5 % (17-33). The Lightning also shot 66.7 % (8-12) at the free-throw line.

Holy Family also found the basket easier in the second half as the team shot 44.1 % (15-34) and they also went 40.0 % (2-5) at the free-throw line.

The Lightning outrebounded the Tigers 21-18 in the second half. The team also won the turnover battle in the half as well by 4-9.

The second half started with Goldey-Beacom going on a 9-2 run which decreased Holy Family’s lead to 35-34 with 16:24 left in the game. Elliot was the leading man of that run as he scored four of the nine points.

The Lightning would get their first lead of the game when the team went on an 11-2 run which gave Goldey-Beacom a 49-48 lead with 10:13 left in the game. Tevin Service was the leader of that run with scoring seven of the 11 points.

After losing the lead for a bit, Goldey-Beacom would tie the game at 58 with 6:29 left in the game. The team would follow that up by outscoring the Tigers 14-11 for the rest of the game which would give the team a 72-69 win.

Goldey-Beacom heads to Connecticut to take on Post University on January 11th at 3 PM ET.

Team Stats:
FG%: GBC39.7 % % & HF38.8 %
3P%: GBC23.1 % &HF 27.8 %
FT%: GBC 57.1 %%&HF58.3 %
Rebs: GBC44&HF44
Ast: GBC 13&HF12
Stl: GBC 8&HF3
TO: GBC8 &HF18
Blks: GBC 3&HF8


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