Delaware Sports Blitz Interview: St. Marks’ Football & Drake University Commit Ty Scott

Photo: Ty Scott

Delaware Sports Blitz recently had the honor to chat with Ty Scott who is a Saint Mark’s high school alum (’21) and recently committed to Drake University to play college football.

The Saint Marks football standout talks about everything from how his play developed over four years in high school and what is the best part of playing defensive back.

Check out it below!


How did you start playing sports?

“I started playing football at nine years old. A long-time friend from elementary school had introduced me to the game when asking me to come out to play for his team. Since then, I fell in love with the game.”

How did your athletic play develop from your freshman season to your senior season?

“I became quicker and more efficient using previous learning tools to learn the next thing. I became a faster learner and started to understand the game more and more as I went along. Freshman season felt more like getting a good understanding of what high school football was like. I started to adapt to the play style and schemes my team had. By senior year I became team captain and continued to learn while also putting everything I was taught into use.”

Clip from Ty Scott’s Hudl.

How do you keep yourself in game shape in the offseason for your sport?

“Working out is a part of my daily routine. I make sure to work myself until I physically can not. I also ran track in high school, which kept me conditioned and built my endurance. During the offseason, I also make sure to work on my mental play knowing, that takes a huge part in controlling my physical ability on and off the field.”


What is the best part of playing your particular position?

“The best part of playing defensive back is the feeling after making a play on the ball. I love getting interceptions and making big hits while on the field. There is just no better feeling than the satisfaction of stopping a play and making one at the same time.”

Clip courtesy of Ty Scott.

Are there any NFL players in your position you admire or model your game after?

“I admire Tyrann Mathieu because of his mentality, speed, quickness, and ability to make plays on the defensive side of the field. I can relate the way I play, and that’s the best part about watching and learning from him.”

What do you feel is your greatest strength?

“I feel as though my greatest strength is quickness and the ability to make plays on the ball.”

Photo: Ty Scott

What do you feel you are weakest at, and how do you work on improving it?

“I feel as though my weakest spot would be my vision when it comes to carrying the ball. Sometimes I get carried away with my quickness and don’t take advantage of what’s right in front of me.”

What is the best part of playing on a team?

“The best part of playing on a team is creating that family and brotherhood with a bunch of guys you’re gonna be learning and playing with for a long time.”

How do you stay motivated during the highs and lows of a season?

“Win or lose, I stay hungry either way. I am not easily satisfied, so I always want more. I hate the feeling of defeat, so I grind until something changes.”

Photo: Saint Marks High School

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced, and how did you overcome it?

“The biggest challenge I faced is where I’m from. I am from Wilmington, Delaware, a place where many do not see the age of 18 and most do not make it out. I grew up dealing with the death of a couple of childhood friends. I grew up with the constant worry that I could have everything taken away from me in the snap of a finger. Instead, I was blessed with a gift and many opportunities that a lot of people from my city do not see or take advantage of. I overcame those obstacles by working hard and getting where I am today.”

In what ways, does playing a sport, help you with your studies?

“Playing a sport instills hard work, focus, and continuous learning, which spills over into every aspect of life, including my studies.”

What was the best part of being a student-athlete at St. Marks High School?

“The best part was going to school with the guys I called my brothers while also playing the sport I love with the same guys. At Saint Mark’s, everything was not about football, but instead, we learned about how lessons in football can relate to everyday life.”

What has a former or current coach taught you, that you still use today on or off the playing field?

“Coach Ronnie taught me to take advantage of my position and what I learned. He taught me how to read the field based on the offense’s positioning. That knowledge is what I will need to remember and stand by for the rest of my career.”

How would you like to be remembered by your teammates and coaches?

“I want to be remembered as someone that made a difference on and off the field. I do not care to be remembered for just the game itself, but also everything that comes with it.”

Why did you choose to play at Drake?

“Drake felt like the best fit for me. It is somewhere I feel like I can grow on and off the field. It is a school I feel an attachment and connection with already.”

What was your experience like throughout 2020 and what does it mean for you to play competitive sports again?

“2020 was definitely a year of adversity. I overcame that adversity by learning more about myself and taking charge by becoming the person I want to be. It is a blessing and such an achievement to play competitive sports again. I appreciate Drake’s coaching staff for giving me such an opportunity.”


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