Wildcats earn a split with 4-2 win over Caldwell

Photo: Wilmington University

The Wilmington University softball team earned a split on Tuesday over the Caldwell University Cougars as the team won the first game 4-2 but lost the second one 6-4.

Let’s talk about the win!

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The RBIs in the game came from freshman left fielder Sara Miller (1), senior catcher Annie Davila (1), and freshman infielder Danielle Hess (1).

Three Wildcats had runs in the win, which were freshman pitcher Haley Downin (1), freshman center fielder Isabella Eleazar (1), and Hess (2).

The Wilmington hitters gained eight hits in the win, which were Miller (3), junior right fielder Courtney Dellinger (1), junior third baseman Lauren Lopez (1), senior shortstop Alyssa Velasquez (1), Downin (1), and Hess (1).

Downin stole a base in the win.

On the pitching side, freshman pitcher Haley Downin went six innings, gave up three hits, two runs, two earned runs, six walks, three strikeouts, and earned the win.

Freshman pitcher Alexandra Ballester came into the game to relieve Downin as she went one inning, one walk, and earned the save.

Lets get into the full game: click below for the full recap.

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