Blue Hens pour on the runs in 15-1 win over Coppin State

Photo: Pexels

The University of Delaware’s softball team had the magic touch with scoring runs in their dominating 15-1 win over the Coppin State University Eagles on Wednesday.

The runs in the game for the Hens came from junior outfielder Hanna Garber (2), junior infielder Brittney Mendoza (2), junior infielder Brooke Glanden (2), freshman catcher Zoey Valentino (2), freshman infielder Grace Hrustich (2), senior utility player Sarah Bessel (2), freshman outfielder Julz Garber (1), senior designated player Karolina Flores (1) and freshman infielder/utility player Lexi Moore (1).

There were 15 hits in the game for the Hens in the win, which came from Mendoza (3), Bessel (3), Moore (2), Hrustich (1), Garber (1), J. Garber (1), freshman outfielder Gillian Zack (1), Glanden (1), Flores (1), and senior catcher/utility player Chayanna Gallardo (1).

The 15 RBIs in the game came from Hrustich (4),Mendoza (3),Garber (2),J. Garber (2),Zack (2),Glanden (1), and Flores (1).

On the pitching side, junior pitcher Kailey Christian went three innings, gave up two hits, one run, and earned the win.

Freshman pitcher Delani Sheehan came into the game to relieve Christian as she went 1.1 innings and did not give up any runs or hits.

The last pitcher in the game for the Hens was freshman pitcher Kendall Shank as she went 0.2 innings and did not give up any runs or hits.

Lets get into the full game: click below for the full recap.

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