Delaware Sports Blitz Interview: Delaware Tech’s Kandice Schlabach

Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

Delaware Technical Community College student-athletes interviews are back! Every Thursday, Delaware Sports Blitz will feature interviews with the student-athletes from the Community College.

The student-athlete we are featuring this week comes from Delaware Tech’s softball team, which is Kandice Schlabach.

Schlabach talks about everything from why she likes playing in the right field and why her hitting is her greatest strength.

Check it out below!


How did you start playing sports?

“I started playing sports when I was about five years old. I always played with my dad at home, and I watched my brother play, and I wanted to try it too.”

What adjustments did you have to make from the jump of high school to college, regarding the sport you play?

“Not much changed for me besides a new team. I had to get used to my new teammates, and how [Head Coach Guy Wilkins] ran practices.”

How do you keep yourself in game shape in the off-season for your sport?

“I go to hitting lessons every week. Sometimes I lift weights, and I like to play other sports like basketball.”

What is the best part of playing your particular position?

“I like playing right field because I get to make plays at any of the bases. Right field is the only outfield position where you can potentially get someone out at first on a hard-hit ball. I like the outfield in general because I am good at tracking balls hit in the air. I like making a good throw when someone is tagging up or trying to advance to another base, and I like being able to make diving catches.”

Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

What has a former or current coach taught you, that you still use today on or off the playing field?
“My coaches have taught me that sports are not just about winning. Sports is about growing as a player, and person, and meeting people who will play a very important role in your life.”

What is a typical day for you when the season is in full force?
“Typically in a day, I do schoolwork, go to practice, come home and be with my family, and sometimes do more schoolwork depending on how much I have.”

What do you feel is your greatest strength?
“In softball, I think my greatest strength is my hitting. When I am doing well, I can get base hits, but I can also be a power hitter. I also feel I am someone who gets along well with other people and can work together with others. I am willing to play my best all the time and do what is best for my team.”

Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

What do you feel you are weakest at and what do you work on to improve it?

“My biggest weakness is how hard I am on myself. If I make one mistake, I tend to hold on to it instead of moving on to the next play. I expect a lot out of myself, and when I do not play well, I can get very mad at myself, which causes me to play even worse. I try to improve this by thinking about what I have done well and what I can do at my next at-bat or when the ball is hit to me.”

Describe some of the highlights of your athletic career.

“In my athletic career, I have received all-state honorable mention my freshman year and first-team all-state my senior year for softball. I also made the Blue-Gold team my senior year for softball and basketball. I was on the softball Carpenter’s Cup team that won the championship in 2021. I have also received many all-conference (ESIAC) awards for basketball and softball throughout high school, including Conference Player of the Year for softball my senior year.”

What is the best part of playing on a team?

“The best part of playing on a team is the people you get to play with and what you can accomplish together. You make friends and memories with people who you will never forget and where you couldn’t make anywhere else.”

Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

How do you stay motivated during the highs and lows of a season?

“I stay motivated by remembering why I love softball and what it has taught me and given me in my life.”

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?

“The biggest challenge I have faced in softball and life is losing my coach. My travel softball coach died when I was 15, and he had been my coach for about 5 or 6 years. I overcame it by appreciating the time I did have with him and even knowing him. I know he is in a better place and is happier where he is.”

In what ways, does playing a sport, help you with your studies?

“Playing a sport encourages me to stay in school and keep my grades up. If my grades are low, I cannot play softball, and I want to play, so I keep my grades up.”

How would you like to be remembered by your teammates and coaches?

“I want to be remembered as someone who worked hard and did what was best for the team. I was unselfish and always gave it my all.”

Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

Why did you choose to play at Delaware Tech?

“Delaware Tech was a good option for me because I was unsure of where I wanted to go academically. I also knew I wanted to keep playing softball, and I knew Delaware Tech was a good option for playing.”


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