COVID-19 Impact: Outside of The First State

Delaware Sports Blitz

Photo: John Hopkins University of Medicine

As the coronavirus spreads its deadly effects worldwide, it also has shown us which countries have the right leadership to stand up this challenge and which do not.

As of June 24th, there have been over 9.18 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, 4.6 million recovered cases, and 475,000 deaths worldwide, according to the John Hopkins University of Medicine.

The United States under Donald Trump’s leadership was not prepared for the virus at all, as he ignored warnings, tried to call it a hoax, blame other countries and also disbanded NSC pandemic unit that the Obama administration put in place to a handle pandemic. Not to mention the lack of nationwide testing, states bidding against each other, and the federal government for needed medical supplies and the federal government leaving the governors to figure out how to solve this crisis themselves. Trump…

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