Alanna Speaks Records A Double-Double in Goldey-Beacom’s 71-66 Win Vs Chestnut Hill

The Goldey-Beacom College women’s basketball team rang in the new year with a 71-66 win over the Chestnut Hill College Griffins on Wednesday at the  Joseph West Jones  Center.

Sophomore forward Alanna Speaks was the leading scorer of the night for the Lightning as she had 18 points. Speaks also collected 11 rebounds which gave her a double-double on the night.

Another Lightning player who had a nice night was junior guard Amanda McGrogan who had 15 points in the win.

Freshman forward Alexis Harrison also scored 15 points for Goldey-Beacom and had three blocks on the night as well.


Goldey-Beacom’s Speaks And Harrison Shine In First Quarter

The two leading point scorers for the Lightning in the first were Alanna Speaks and Alexis Harrison. Speaks had eight points in the quarter and Harrison had five. Speaks had two rebounds in the quarter and Harrison had one block and one rebound in the first.

Goldey-Beacom’s offense wasted no time in the beginning of the game by jumping out to a 13-5 lead with 5:31 left in the first quarter.  In the 13-5 run, the Lightning hit back to back three pointers which one came from Amanda McGrogan and the other from Speaks.

A couple minutes later, the Lightning went on a 15-4 run which increased their lead at the end of the first to 29-14.  Freshman guard Reetta Saaski led the the charge on the 15-4 run with her scoring seven of the Lightning’s 15 points.


Chestnut Hill Starts To Climb Back In The Game

In the second quarter, Chestnut Hill outscored Goldey-Beacom 18-14 in the quarter but the Lightning never lost their lead even with being outscored.

The Griffins went on a 12-5 run around the 5:43 minute mark which decreased Goldey-Beacom’s lead to 43-32 to end the first half.


First Half Stats:

Goldey-Beacom shot 47.2 % in the first half and Chestnut Hill shot 40.7%.

Lightning had a 42.9% shooting percentage at the free throw line and Griffins had 70.0 %.

Goldey-Beacom’s leading scorer in the first half was Alanna Speaks who had 10 points.

Chestnut Hill’s leading scorer in the first half was Leah Miller who had nine points.

Speaks And Harrison Spark The Lightning Offense Again

Speaks and Harrison were at again for Goldey-Beacom as the two players combined for 13 points in the quarter. Lightning as a whole outscored Chestnut Hill 20-12 in the third quarter.

Goldey-Beacom went on a 11-3 run with 3:31 left in the third quarter to increase their lead to 63-44 to end the quarter. Speaks led the charge on the 11-3 run with scoring six of the 11 points in the run.


Chestnut Hill Dominates Fourth Quarter But Goldey-Beacom Hangs On For The Win

In the fourth quarter, Goldey-Beacom struggled with shooting but Chestnut Hill did not as the Griffins outscored the Lightning 22-8 in the quarter.

Chestnut Hill’s defense really stepped up in the fourth as they made sure Goldey-Beacom did not get any second chances at the basket.

As good of Chestnut Hill was in the fourth, it was a little too late as Goldey Beacom held on and ended the game with 71-66 win.

Goldey-Beacom travels to Bronxville, New York to take on Concordia (NY) on January 5th at 1pm ET.


Team Stats:
FG%: GBC 43.5 % & CH 41.1%
3P%: GBC 30.8% & CH 45%
FT%: GBC 60 % & CH 55%
Rebs: GBC 38 & CH 35
Ast: GBC 13& CH 13
Stl: GBC 5& CH 5
TO: GBC 15& CH 14
Blks: GBC 5 & CH 4



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