Goldey-Beacom Continues To Roll As They Defeat Daemen 5-2

Goldey-Beacom Women’s Soccer team is on a tear right now as the season begins, the program scored four goals in their win on Thursday against Saint Thomas Aquinas and on Saturday the team did it again but with five goals in their 5-2 win against Daemen.

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Goldey-Beacom was again on their home turf of Nancy Churchman Sawin Field and the team’s definitely feeling the home field advantage in their two wins.

The standouts in the game for Goldey-Beacom were sophomore forward Alanna Speaks, freshman forward Melayna Immediato, senior forward Cliona Crammond and Senior goalkeeper Marta Lopez.

Speaks had four shots, two shots on goal, one assist and two goals in the game.

Immediato had four shots, three on goal, one goal and one assist in the win.

Crammond had six shots, four on goal and one goal in the win.

Lopez allowed two goals and had three saves in 90 minutes of play.


 Immediato Continues to Impress

The freshman forward Melayna Immediato who had two shots on the goal, two shots, one goal and two assists in the season opener against  Saint Thomas Aquinas continued to impress in Saturday’s game.

In the early minutes of the game Immediato hit a 10-yard shot inside the left post to give the Lightning a early 1-0 lead. Sophomore forward Alanna Speaks assisted on the goal.

A couple minutes later Daemen answered back with a score of their own when Daemen’s Sam Hanes hit a 15-Yard shot inside the top left corner to tie the game at one at the 13:19 minute mark. Lindsay Ciaramella assisted on Hanes tying goal for Daemen.


Two Late Goals In First Period For GBC

Then at 39:09 minute mark in the first period, Goldey-Beacom’s junior midfielder Samantha Carey hit a 20-yard shot over the goalkeeper to give her team a 2-1 lead.  Sophomore forward Emily Woolvin assisted on Carey’s go ahead goal.

About two minutes later Lightning’s Alanna Speaks hit a header goal following cross from right side which increased the team’s lead to 3-1. Senior midfielder Sophie Greenwood assisted on Speak’s goal.


Daemen Adds One In Second Half 

It took about 24 minutes into the second half for someone to score but it was Daemen who finally ended their quiet streak in the game.

Daemen’s goal came from Kayleigh Daniels who hit a low shot inside the left post to decrease Goldey-Beacom’s lead to 3-2. Daniels was assisted by Celia de Pablo Esteban on the goal.

Speaks Scores Again

Then late in the second period Lightning’s Alanna Speaks struck again when she hit  a low shot inside the right post to give the team a 4-2 lead. Melayna Immediato assisted on Sparks late goal.

At the 81:17 minute mark, Goldey-Beacom’s senior forward Cliona Crammond hit a penalty kick for a goal to increase’s the team’s lead to 5-2.

Lightning stay at home for their match against  East Stroudsburg which is on September 5th at 3 PM ET.


Team Stats:

Shots: GBC 18 & DAEW 14

Saves: GBC 3 & DAEW 7

Corner Kicks: GBC 7 & DAEW 3

Fouls: GBC 7 & DAEW 15



Goals:  Immediato (1), Carey (1), Speaks (2) & Crammond (1)

Assist:   Immediato (1), Emily Woolvin (1), Speaks (1) and Greenwood (1)

GK: Salvadore allowed  zero goals in 3:57 minutes of play

Lopez allowed two goals and had three saves in 90 minutes of play.



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