Sights & Sounds of Delaware’s Annual Blue-White Spring Game

University of Delaware welcomed fans into Delaware’s football annual Blue-White Spring game after a day of fun which was thanks to the ninth annual Fandemonium that school host every spring.

There were bounce houses, pony rides, face painting and a petting zoo all outside of Delaware Stadium.

Petting Zoo


In the spring game the team did two halves of 7 on 7 drills which definitely brought the excitement to the Delaware fans.

The game was won by the Blue team  ( offense) by a 46-44 score with a specialized scoring system.

Some of the offensive highlights were quarterback Darius Wade who went 8 for 10 in the drills. Another quarterback had a great day for the Hens and that was  Pat Kehoe who went 8 for 12.

Running back  DeJoun Lee had strong day with 37 yards on seven attempts in the game.

Wide receiver Vinny Papale made one the most exciting plays of the game with a leaping  26 yard touchdown catch in the second half.

On the defensive side, it all started with linebacker Troy Reeder who had a pick six in the early happenings of the first half.

Also, Joey Carter had an interception on the day and Jamil Gilmore had four tackles in the game.

Linebacker Armen Ware had four tackles and a sack in the spring game while defensive back K.C. Hinton and defensive lineman Dominick Covatto each had five tackles a piece.

Also, during halftime Head coach Danny Rocco gave out awards and named the captains of the football for the upcoming season.

Award Winners:

Troy Reeder: Defense most improved and Weight room champion

M.J. Kehoe: Weight room most improved

Collin Wallish: Offense most improved


Team Captains: 

Charles Bell, Joe Walker and Troy Reeder


Pictures and Videos from the Spring Game:

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