Looking at 5 FCS NFL Draft Prospects

Outside the First State

Welcome back to a new episode of the Outside the First State sports podcast where I talk about sports that are outside the state of Delaware.

This week’s episode is a brief look at the college careers of FCS NFL Draft prospects:

  • South Dakota State: Pierre Strong – Starts at the 35-second mark.

BROOKINGS, SD – SEPTEMBER 14: xxxxxxx (Photo by Dave Eggen/Inertia)

  • Alabama A&M quarterback: Aqueel Glass- Starts at the 5:20 minute mark.

  • Montana State linebacker: Troy Andersen- Starts at the 7:58 minute mark.

Photo Garrett Becker

  • Villanova defensive back Christian Benford- Starts at the 13:02 minute mark

  • Delaware State wide receiver: Trey Gross- Starts at the 14-minute mark.

Check it out!!

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