19-0: Delaware Tech’s fast start earns 8th in the nation ranking

Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

Every team wants to open a new season strong, but Delaware Tech has done more than that, as they have blazed through the season so far with a 19-0 record. Delaware Tech is also ranked eighth in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division II poll, thanks to the fast start.

Delaware Tech has not had any problem scoring runs this season, as the team has scored in double-digits in eight of their 19 games. Overall, the team has an overall batting average of .355, scored 163 total runs, and 27 home runs.


Head Coach Stu Madden mentioned that offensive output is not just coming from one guy, but every guy in the lineup has contributed in some way this season.

“It’s not just one, two, or even three guys who can do it,” Madden said. “Every single guy has
the ability to get the big hit. Everyone on the team believes the next guy will be able to get it
done, they believe someone is going to do something to get the win.

“Every guy in the lineup has gotten a big key hit for us to win the game, and that’s nice as a
coach to watch and have the confidence in every guy in the lineup to be able to win the game.”

Let’s look at some of the individual stats for the Delaware Tech hitters.

First baseman Matt Rodriguez has a .554 batting average ( ranks 12th in the nation), 31 hits, 23 RBI, and five home runs in 19 games.

Matt Rodriguez. Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

Next, we have centerfielder Mike Paigliei, who has a batting average of .458, 22 hits, 28 RBI ( ranks seventh in the nation), and four home runs in 19 games.

Second baseman Chase Boyle has been an ace on getting on-base this season, as he has a .481 on-base percentage. Boyle also has 12 hits and 12 RBIs in the 19 games this year.

Outfielder Jonathan Golebiowski is another reliable player to find the base often for Delaware Tech as he has a .486 on-base percentage this season. Golebiowski also has 20 hits, 14 RBIs, and four home runs in 19 games.

Jonathan Golebiowski. Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

Then there’s designated hitter Chris Friend, who has a .462 on-base percentage with 11 hits, 14 RBI, and four home runs in 19 games.

Last but not least, catcher Ethan Watkinson has an on-base percentage of .4397, 18 hits, and 13 RBIs.

The offense has been dominant this season, but Delaware Tech’s pitching has been on fire as well.

Coach Madden spoke about how when their offense had an off-day, the pitching stepped up to still find a way to win.

“On the days we haven’t hit well, we’ve had outstanding pitching performances and played
tough defense,” Madden said.

How brilliant has the Tech pitching been so far this season? In 12 of their 19 games, they only allowed opponents to score three runs or under.

Let’s look at some of the individual stats for the Delaware Tech pitchers.

Riley Culver has a 3.81 ERA, gave up 23 hits, 12 runs, 11 earned runs, seven walks, 18 strikeouts, one home run, and earned four wins in 26 innings pitched.

Riley Culver. Photo: Delaware Technical Community College

Cade Williams has a 1.82 ERA, gave up 15 hits, eight runs, five earned runs, 11 walks, 15 strikeouts, one home run, one complete game, and earned four wins in 24.2 innings pitched.

Next is Zac Cole, who has a 2.50 ERA, gave up 11 hits, five runs, five earned runs, nine walks, 17 strikeouts, two home runs, and earned two wins in 18 innings pitched.

Zach Hart has a 2.60 ERA, gave up eight hits, seven runs, five earned runs, 11 walks, 13 strikeouts, earned two wins, a save, and a complete game in 17.1 innings pitched.

Jon Hines has an ERA of 0.71, gave up eight hits, three runs, one earned run, eight walks, 13 strikeouts, earned three wins, and had one complete game in 12.2 innings pitched.

Last but not least, Brandon Schlabach has a 1.80 ERA, gave up six hits, three runs, two earned runs, five walks, eight strikeouts, earned two wins, and a save in ten innings pitched.

In 19 games, Tech’s overall pitching staff has been bringing the heat all season as the group has been giving up 98 hits, 58 runs, 44 earned runs, 70 walks, 104 strikeouts, and six home runs in 133 innings pitch.


It would probably be a surprise to most people that all these talented student-athletes on both sides of the ball are from the state of Delaware. Only two players on the team are not from the first state but come from Maryland and Virginia.

Coach Madden talked about the local talent and how to win with the majority of players from Delaware.

“It’s not very surprising. There are a lot of really good baseball players in Delaware,” Madden
said. “I think it also speaks to things we are doing as a program that we are starting to do the
right things to accumulate the type of talent we are getting from across the state.

“That’s our goal – to be able to win a championship with the majority of the players on the team
being from Delaware. This season shows you don’t have to go somewhere outside of Delaware
to get this type of recognition or compete for a championship.”

As great as 19-0 is, Delaware Tech will be tested from here on out by their region opponents as those teams look to beat one of the best team’s in the nation.

“Now we are going to have a target on our back,” Madden said. “We need to stay healthy, stay
hungry, and stay motivated.”


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