Delaware Sports Blitz Interview: Delaware State University’s Lanayjha Ashe

Photo: Delaware State University/Chris Larson

Delaware Sports Blitz is back with another college interview,  this time it is from Delaware State University.

We interviewed Lanayjha Ashe who is a senior guard on the Delaware State’s women’s basketball team.

As of February 15th, Ashe has averaged 9.7 points per game, 3.7 rebounds, 1.6 assists and is shooting 66% at the free-throw line in 23 games this season.

Ashe has earned multiple accolades for her play with the Hornets which includes the team’s Most Improved Player Award (2017) and Pre-season All-MEAC Third Team (2019).

The Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina native was a three-time Tar Roanoke All-Star selection during her time at Northwest Halifax high school and is the school’s career leader with 2,000+ points.

Ashe talks about everything from how she started playing basketball and how she would like to be remembered by her teammates and coaches.

Check out it below!

How did you start playing sports?

“As a child, I watched basketball on television all the time. When I turned three years old, my dad gave me a basketball and I have been playing ever since.”

 What adjustments did you have to make from the jump of high school to college, regarding the sport you play?

“I had to learn how to stop dribbling so much, as everything else fell into place. I also had to learn how to use my voice as I was in a louder environment. ”

 How do you keep yourself in game shape in the offseason for your sport?

“ I constantly workout on and off the court. I make sure I eat healthy and run as much as I would during the season.  ”

What is the best part of playing your particular position?

“The best part is being able to score in a comfortable position. I never feel out of place and  I am always comfortable in my scoring.”

Courtesy of DSU

 What has a former or current coach taught you, that you still use today on or off the playing field?

“I was taught to just keep pushing when you feel like you have reached a limit.  ”

 What is a typical day for you when the season is in full force?

“I take every day in full force because I always want to make sure I stay productive. ”

  What do you feel is your greatest strength?

 “My greatest strength is leading by example. Being able to do what is asked of me at all times.”

What do you feel you are weakest at and how do you work on to improve it?

“I feel I need to work on being more consistent. Also, I need to learn how to stay positive when things go wrong. ”

 Describe some of the highlights of your athletic career.

  • “Reaching 1,000 points
  • Getting my scholarship renewed
  • Being a great teammate
  • Meeting new teammates”

  What is the best part of playing on a team?

“The best part is playing where everyone on the team is good. Also, where everyone does their job and is on one accord. ”

 How do you stay motivated during the highs and lows of a season?

“I think about what it took for me to get here. ”

 What has been the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?

“I was in a deep depression at one point, but I have overcome it by staying in positive situations.”

In what ways, does playing a sport, help you with your studies?

“My major ( Ashe’s major is Sports Management)  deals with sports, which means it is a part of my everyday life. ”

How would you like to be remembered by your teammates and coaches?

“As someone who worked hard and never made excuses. Also, a person who left it all on the floor, with every game I played. ”

 Why did you choose to play at Delaware State University?

“I chose to play here because I wanted to be in a new environment.”

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