Highlights & Stats From Wilmington’s Men Soccer 10-1 Win Vs Felician


Wilmu’s Lorne Bickley sets New program record with 4 goals in a single game



WilmU’s Abdul Mansaray scores a goal in Wildcats 10-1 win



Tom Garratt scores a goal in Wildcats 10-1 win



Wilmu’s Daniel Loyo scores a goal in Wildcats 10-1 win 





Wilmu’s Joe Bell scores a goal in Wildcats 10-1 win 




Wilmu’s Adrian Coverdale scores a goal in Wildcats 10-1 win 




Full Video Highlights






Goals: (4) Lorne Bickley, (1) Abdul Mansaray, Daniel Loyo, Joe Bell,  Nahshon Little & Adrian Coverdale

Shots: Wilmington had 26 total shots

Saves: 3 saves

Fouls: 18

Corner Kicks: 4

Assists: (2) Manuel Ruiz Luque, Ben Jordan & Abdul Mansaray. (1) Sam Kellard, Dimitrios Topouzlis,Adrian Coverdale &  Joel Flores




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